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What reports are available? Are more planned?

We currently offer four different availability calendar reports, two housekeeping reports, an occupancy report, two income and expense reports, four expense reports, payments by date, owner's report, tax summary, items for sale report, and a report containing responses to custom fields. We will be adding additional reports, and are open to suggestions as to what type of reports would be useful.

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Can I link directly to reports without having to log into my account?

Most of the reports can be linked to directly. Just set up the report as you want it top appear and refresh the report. Then use the link in the link box to reach the report, even if not logged into your account. This is especially useful for users that manage properties for other people and want the owners to be able to easily link to a report without having access to the manager's entire account.

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What is the difference between the various calendar reports?

Calendar Summary - Intended to be a page that can be printed out and taken with you for times when you are away from your computer.

Select Rooms #1 - Another printable report, but this time you can select exactly which rooms appear. This calendar also uses style where the month stretches across the screen.

Select Rooms #2 - This calendar shows each month as a more traditional calendar. You can select which rooms to show and how many months to show.

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