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Track reservation activity from start to finish.
ReservationKey records whenever a change is made to a reservation, and whenever an availability search is made.

Filter activity by date range or by activity type.

Search for activity for a specific reservation.

Use the activity section to monitor search volume and referals sources.
Want to see how many searches it takes to get a reservation? You can do that.
Show only searches and new reservations.

Track by IP address which searches turned into reservations.

Find out which reservation page the guest searched on.

Change the activity type to filter activity information.

Select from over 20 activity types.

Find all new reservations from a certain time period.

Access activity data from within a reservation.

Click Activity in the More menu to retrieve reservation specific data.

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"ReservationKey saved my life. I keep noticing little things that are better. Maybe I just didn't see them before. Or maybe you're putting little touches in. Either way, I'm sooooooooo happy."
Daryl Ann Kyle, Cedar Mountain Farm

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