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Quickly create new reservations and view existing reservations.
Simply click open dates on the calendar, or click on a guest name.

Status colors are completely customizable.

Mouse-over a reservation for quick details.

Advanced search options for limiting units shown.

Time saving features abound on the calendar page.
ReservationKey makes it super easy to see at a glance your current availability, guest status, and more.
Find reservations with one click.

The search link is in the header on all pages.

Search by data such as name, ID number, notes, and email.

Alert shows number of new reservations.

Click the link to see a list of new reservations.

Also see new reservations for the week or month.

Customize the status colors.

Use different colors to indicate checked in/out.

Or use colors to indicate whether a guest has paid. Or develop your own color system.

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"The system is robust. It's tight. It's very easy to manipulate it to do things MY way. It doesn't just work, it works very, very well."
Sandra Wright, Timberwolf Creek

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