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Match your reservation pages to the look of your website.
Use custom themes to make your reservation pages look like your website.

Complete control over the look and feel with CSS.

Create as many themes as you need.

Link directly to your reservation page or embed it in your website.
Embedded in your site, your guests won't know you are using an external reservation system.
ReservationKey provides all the code you need.

Code for embedding with an iframe.

Or code just for linking your site to a reservation page.

Add a search form to your homepage.

Style the form to match your website.

Custom themes using CSS.

Start from one of our pre-built tempates.

And customize as much as you want.

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"Your continued development of RK remains impressive. So many of the new things that you come up with helps me in some way or another, and sometimes even the smallest of improvements makes working on reservations a lot more fun."
Van Strickland, Whitepath Lodge

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