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More than just an online reservation app.
Hotel information page, and blank tabs you can use for whatever you like.
Online Reservations
Public View - Your guests can book through your Facebook page. Their feed will automatically update showing they booked at your property. You will receive a link to their Facebook profile in your reservation notification email.
online reservations page
Admin Settings - Select which reservation page to use, set property information which will be displayed in your guest's news feed after a booking.
reservations page admin settings

Information Tab
Public View - Create a tab with your business information. Pulls photos and descriptions automatically from ReservationKey. Add optional Google Map at the bottom.
information tab
Admin Settings - Select which units to show, set theme, header message, reservation page URL, address, and guestbook display.
information tab admin options

Additional Tabs
Public View - Enter content of your choice to add up to three additional tabs on your Facebook page.
extra tabs
Admin Settings - Use our HTML editor to easily create additional content pages.
extra tab admin options

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"ReservationKey saved my life. I keep noticing little things that are better. Maybe I just didn't see them before. Or maybe you're putting little touches in. Either way, I'm sooooooooo happy."
Daryl Ann Kyle, Cedar Mountain Farm

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