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Automate the process of selling and using Gift Certificates.
Guests receive a code that they can use to pay for rooms on reservation pages.

Each certificate contains a unique payment code.

Customizable sale page and certificates.

The Buyer Experience
Purchase Page
  • Simple form where people wanting to buy gift certificates can make their purchase online.
  • Buyer selects amount they wish to purchase.
  • Payments handled by PayPal or, depending on your configuration.
  • Customizable themes.
Confirmation Screen
  • Once payment is complete, the buyer is redirected to this confirmation screen.
  • An email receipt can optionally be sent to buyer as well.
  • Click link to view gift certificate for printing.
Printable Certificate
  • Page containing the actual certificate.
  • Great for printing or emailing.
  • Customizable color theme.

Paying With A Gift Certificate
Reservation Page
  • Guest selects dates and rooms as usual, but enters gift certificate code in gift code field (same field as is used for discount codes).
  • Amount due reduced up to the value of the gift certificate.
  • Any remaining credit on gift certificate is also displayed.
Internal Payments
  • Select payment category of Gift Certificate and enter amount to use from certificate.
  • Amount charge to certificate can also be refunded back to the certificate.
  • Any remaining credit on gift certificate is also displayed.

Setting up Gift Certificates
Configuration for Purchase Page
  • Customizable fields: title, greeting, confirmation page, footer, confirmation email.
  • Page theme can be set to match the look and feel of your website.
  • System information can be merged with custom messages using the merge codes.
  • Select whether to accept payments through PayPal or
Configuration for Certificate
  • Customizable fields: header and message below the certificate.
  • Selectable color theme.
  • Optional expiration date.
  • Set pages on which you accept gift certificates.

Management Features
Report of Certificates Sold
  • View listing of certificates that are currently valid and those that are no longer valid.
  • Includes details such as amount, expiration date, and payment transaction ID.
Create Certificates Internally
  • Great for creating gifts for your guests similar to a coupon, but instead of using a discount code.
  • Useful for creating certificates when your guest wants to buy one in person and not through your website.

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