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Collect deposits, payments with ReservationKey's payment options.
Your choice from a variety of payment processors, or charge cards outside of ReservationKey.

If you have multiple properties, add a separate payment method for each, if necessary.

Select from PayPal,, RentPayment, 1stPayment, or just collecting credit card numbers.

Automate collecting payments with ReservationKey Payment Schedules.
How you collect payments (or don't) is up to you. Set payment timing, amount, type.
Set timing for deposit, additional payment, and balance.

How much of a payment is due when.

Set a fixed amount, or percentage.

Email reminders can go out before the next payment is due.

Charge cards with a click of a button.

When using a fully integrated credit card processing method, such as and CIM.

Refund also can be processed with one click.

Option to have guests enter credit card information on reservation page.

Card charge instantly when guest makes reservation.

Reservation status can change when payment is received.

Dates can change to blocked as soon as a payment is made.

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"I ran IT for Bed, Bath & Beyond for years and I must say I am impressed with the person who did the business analysis on this product. It does things the way I need it to, the way I want it to or seems to have an easy way of making it so I get the result I want even if not the way I am 'used to'."
Jim and Janet Stern, The Historic Crossroads Tavern Inn

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