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Run reports to track income, expenses, occupancy, and more.
Quickly see how your revenue compares to past years or months, plus lots more reports.

All reports are real-time.

More than 20 reports to select from.

Reports for all your needs.
Including availability, housekeeping, occupancy, income, expense, commissions, taxes, payments, items for sale, and owner's report.
Many reports can be opened directly from a link.

No need to log into ReservatonKey if you have the link.

Great for giving a cleaning report to house keeper.

Or an availability report to a property owner.

Select which units to show on many of the reports.

Great for seeing statistics for only certain units.

Or for creating reports for separate properties.

Export report data to CSV files.

Many of the reports have a CSV export option.

On the reservation report, select which columns to export.

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From our users...
"I ran IT for Bed, Bath & Beyond for years and I must say I am impressed with the person who did the business analysis on this product. It does things the way I need it to, the way I want it to or seems to have an easy way of making it so I get the result I want even if not the way I am 'used to'."
Jim and Janet Stern, The Historic Crossroads Tavern Inn

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