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Select the reservation page type that works best for your property.
From showing all units on one reservation page, or a separate page for each unit, the choice is yours.

Reservation pages for all types of properties.

Decide what works best for you.

Create as many reservation pages as you need.

Choose the page with the functionality that works the way you do.
Such as whether your guests typically book a specific room, or book by the unit type.
Bed and breakfast page type.

Guests select specific room(s).

Can default to show all rooms.

Single unit page type.

Click calendars to select dates for a specific unit.

Great for vacation rentals, cabins.

Hotel style reservation page.

Guests select unit type and number of rooms.

Availability search mode.

Click availability calendar to select rooms.

Works well for selecting multiple rooms for non-contiguous stays.

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Sandra Wright, Timberwolf Creek

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