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Write yourself notes and track waiting list requests.
When you are fully booked, leads are captured with the waiting list request form.

Waiting list form appears when no availability.

Leads stored internally in notes bar above calendar.

If a room opens up, just click the notes bar to pull up the waiting list.

The notes bar keeps you organized.
No more random scraps of paper and sticky pads. Keep all your notes easily accessible and organized by date.
Click the bar above the availability calendar.

Add a note, reminder, to-do, whatever you need.

Label your entry to make it easy to filter.

Or attach your note to a reservation.

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"ReservationKey saved my life. I keep noticing little things that are better. Maybe I just didn't see them before. Or maybe you're putting little touches in. Either way, I'm sooooooooo happy."
Daryl Ann Kyle, Cedar Mountain Farm

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