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Reservation Manager Once your system is set up, this is the area you will use most. Here you can manage your reservations, view reports, and more.
Website Tab Use the options found under this tab to set up your public reservation pages.
»  Properties Tab Here is where you find all options for setting up your properties.
Settings Tab Customize your system and manage your account here.
Reservation Pages Explore the different options for presenting availability and taking online reservations.
Real User Examples See how real businesses use our software. Select from five main cateogories of users: bed & breakfasts, hotels & resorts, property management, vacation rentals, and cabins.
Facebook Apps Add ReservationKey to your Facebook page. Online reservations tab, business information tab, and more.
iPhone / Android Mobile Phone Application Take and search reservations on the go. Works with all major smart phones.
Properties Tab
Properties    Rooms    Fractions    Room Types    Rate Plans    Rate Adjustments    Taxes    Fees   

Screen for adding properties to the system. What you consider a "property" may differ depending on how you are using the system. For example, you may manage condos in different cities, so you could enter each city as a "property" and each condo as a "room". This really is just a way to organize your units.
1) Add as many properties as needed.
2) Property title, sort order, online status.
3) Primary photo.
4) As many additional photos as needed can be uploaded.
5) Information entered here will show in a new window accessed from a button on your reservation page called "details."

All the rooms that have been added to the system. Rooms may not exactly describe your rental unit. If not substitute your unit type for the word "Room" (such as condo, apartment, cabins, etc.).
1) Add as many as you need (subject to account level restrictions).
2) Give your rooms a type to help with organization (types are user configurable).

Fractions are intended to be used for reserving parts of a room. For example, you have a condo that can be rented as an entire unit, or each floor as individual units. The condo is set up as a "room" and the individual units are set up as "fractions" of that "room." The screen for adding rooms is almost identical to this one.
1) Link previously configured rate plans with this fraction.
2) Primary photo appears in the description text.
3) Add additional photos as needed.

Room Types
Room types are used for help with sorting and organizing your rooms within the system.
1) Add as many types as needed.

Rate Plans
Use these screens to configure your rates. Once a plan is set up, it can be linked to a room or fraction.
1) Select which taxes (that have been previously set up in the system) apply to this rate plan.
2) Add as many rules as necessary. The fewer times your rates change the less rules you will need.
3) Quickly duplicate rate rules for addtional years.
4) Enter dates for which this rule applies.
5) Set the price for each day of the week during this rule.
6) Set prices for extra guests (optional).
7) Specify which days of the week a reservation is allowed to begin on.
8) Allows for minimum stay requirements to be ignored if reservation request is within certain number of days from current date. Great for filling last minute vacancies.
9) Add optional multi-night discounts.

Rate Adjustments
Quickly make adjustments to rate plans without having to edit your rate rules.
1) Period in which this rate adjustment is to apply.
2) Set days of the week this adjustment applies to.
3) Whether to increase or decrease the rate, and whether to change the rate be a set money amount or a percentage.
4) Which rate plans the adjustment applies to.
5) Set a minimum stay for the adjustment period. Also, set whether to ignore minimum stay requirements for last minute bookings.
6) Discounts set in the rate rules can be overridden in a rate adjustment.

Add as many taxes as necessary to the system. Each tax is can be linked to rate plans, so you can set up as many different tax entries as needed.
1) Two different tax options are available - standard tax where the entire tax applies (such as 5% sales tax), or a split tax, where part of the tax applies to a set amount, and another part of the tax applies to the remaining amount to be taxed.
2) Whether to apply this tax to additional items.

Add additional fees to reservations. The fees which will be added to a reservation depends on which of the fees entered into the system are linked to your reservation page.
1) Amount of the fee. Fees entered in the system will also show in a drop down selection when entering reservations from within the system.
2) Whether or not to apply taxes to this fee.


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