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Reservation Manager Once your system is set up, this is the area you will use most. Here you can manage your reservations, view reports, and more.
Website Tab Use the options found under this tab to set up your public reservation pages.
Properties Tab Here is where you find all options for setting up your properties.
»  Settings Tab Customize your system and manage your account here.
Reservation Pages Explore the different options for presenting availability and taking online reservations.
Real User Examples See how real businesses use our software. Select from five main cateogories of users: bed & breakfasts, hotels & resorts, property management, vacation rentals, and cabins.
Facebook Apps Add ReservationKey to your Facebook page. Online reservations tab, business information tab, and more.
iPhone / Android Mobile Phone Application Take and search reservations on the go. Works with all major smart phones.
Settings Tab
Account Settings
Set up your account information here. All of this information useable through mail merge codes in the email templates section.
1) The alias is used in your reservation pages URL. If no alias is entered your account ID number will be used instead.
2) Your website is linked in the top right corner of Reservation Key internally.
3) Easily change your plan to match the number of units you need to manage. Rooms and fraction each count as a unit. An account with 3 rooms and 4 fractions would be considered to have 7 units, which would need to be using Plan B.

User Settings
Add additional users to your account, or change your user preferences.
1) User name and login information.
2) Standard users cannot add other users or access other user account settings.
3) Set the permissions for a user. Changing display order of the side tabs can be used to set which pages appear by default when a primary tab is clicked. The divider line can be used to group tabs. It is a line which will appear under the selected item.

Customize how date, time and currency are displayed, as well as several additional customization options.
1) Change your date and time display formats.
2) Change your currency formats.
3) What to show by default on your internal availability calendar. The less months to show and the less items to show, the faster the calendar will load. You may also change the size of the rows and font size on the availability calendar.
4) Whether or not to show the mouse-over tooltip help icons throughout the system.
5) Instead of showing number of months, the calendar can also be set to show certain number of days before and after the current date.

Reservation Status
Status settings are used to differentiate reservtions.
1) You can add as many status options as needed.
2) Everything about a status is customizeable.
3) Set the status background color and text color.
4) When this status should be automatically used.

Import Data
We support importing data from a variety of other reservation systems. If we do not currently support importing from the system you are using, we can work with you to build a custom import interface.
1) Once your prior system reservation database is added to our system, it is easy to match rooms from your prior database to your ReservationKey database.


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