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Reservation Manager Once your system is set up, this is the area you will use most. Here you can manage your reservations, view reports, and more.
»  Website Tab Use the options found under this tab to set up your public reservation pages.
Properties Tab Here is where you find all options for setting up your properties.
Settings Tab Customize your system and manage your account here.
Reservation Pages Explore the different options for presenting availability and taking online reservations.
Real User Examples See how real businesses use our software. Select from five main cateogories of users: bed & breakfasts, hotels & resorts, property management, vacation rentals, and cabins.
Facebook Apps Add ReservationKey to your Facebook page. Online reservations tab, business information tab, and more.
iPhone / Android Mobile Phone Application Take and search reservations on the go. Works with all major smart phones.
Website Tab

Reservation Pages
Use this screen to create reservation pages. These are the pages guests use to make online reservations. You can select from several page types, and add as many pages as needed.
1) Types of reservation pages added; what works best depends on your property type and how you want guests to use your reservation pages
2) Alias appears in the URL to your reservation page.
3) Whether or not to show link to calendar page from listing page.
4) Theme selected affects how your page appears.
5) Link messages to your page that have been set up in the system.
6) Link additional options to your reservation page.

From this page it is possible to completely customize system themes or create your own.
1) Select system theme to load for editing.
2) Upload images to use in your theme (such as background images).
3) Edit theme here; set "display:none" to hide sections.

Search availability between Reservation Key members that belong to the same association. Use this screen to create associations or join existing associations. You can add as many as needed.
1) This is a unique code (similar to a password) that is give to other members so they can join your association.
2) Whether or not to display availability number in the association calendar.
3) Members of the association; the association creator can remove members.
4) The URL which will be used as the drill-down url in the association calendar for your listing.
5) Code to paste into a web page to display an availability search box.
6) Rooms/units to include in the availability statistics for your listing.

Website Messages
Create and edit messages here. These messages are linked to reservation pages.
1) Add as many messages as needed.
2) Message text, which can also included images uploaded to the system, and HTML.

Payment Methods
Select from one of several payment methods, which are used for taking payments online.
1) Easily link to your account.
2) If using PayPal, set the currency in which to accept payments.
3) Set whether to change the payment amount; this is a good way to pass on payment fees to your guests.

Payment Schedules
Here, set what amounts are due when.
1) Set up payment schedule.
2) Whether or not to use this schedule for reservations entered into the system not coming from a public reservation page.

Email Templates
These templates are used for automatic emails and creating receipts. Inserting codes acts as a type of "mail merge." There are system codes and custom codes from custom fields.
1) Create your template here.
2) Merge codes for information about your guest.
3) Merge code reservation information.

Email Schedules
Set up which emails to send automatically after which events.
1) Emails to send.
2) Whether or not to use this schedule for reservations added internally.

Discount Codes
Add codes here and then link added codes to reservation pages. Linked codes can be used by guests to receive the associated discount. Codes entered here will also show in the Reservation Manager in the discounts section.
1) Actual code that your guest uses to receive discount.
2) Whether discount should be percentage or actual money amount.

Custom Fields
These fields can be added to your reservation pages and optionally to your Reservation Manager contact details section.
1) Type of field to add (such as text area, drop down, radio button).
2) If field is a type that requires values (such as a drop down selection field), enter them here.
3) Code to use with mail merge in email templates

Items For Sale & Packages
Add items here that you want to sell. Added items will appear on your reservation pages once they are linked to the page in the Reservation Pages settings.
1) Add as many items as you want.
2) Whether or not to display a quantity drop down next to the item being sold (so guests can purchase more than one of the item).
1) Either regular item for sale or package.
2) Number of nights required to get pacakge deal; how to change price based on number of nights selected.
3) Limit this item or package to only available during a certain date range.
4) If package stays the same every year, for the same dates, you don't have to reenter the package every year.

Edit details of your guestbook here.
1) Use this link to access your guestbook. When logged in you can edit and delete comments right from the guestbook.
2) Select the look and feel of the guestbook, or design your own using CSS.
3) Customizeable titles and messages for both the form and the guestbook.
4) Easy access to the code for linking to your guestbook.

Gift Certificates
Create your online gift certificate sale page, review certificates sold, and create new certificate codes.
1) Link to report listing currently valid gift certificates and certificates that are no longer valid.
2) Link to page where you can create certificate codes without having to enter payment.
3) For your online sales, accept payments via PayPal or with Authorize.net payment processing.
4) Enter custom header, email confirmation message, photo, and other custom fields.
5) System information that can be merged into any of your customizeable fields.

Custom Text
Change any of the default system text to meet your needs. All of the hard coded system wording can be changed using this feature. Such as, the system defaults to say "nights booked" allowing you to change it to say "days reserved." This feature can also be used to create pages in different languages. You could make different text sets for each language you want to offer.
1) Title of your custom text.
2) Your custom text, or translation into a different language.


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