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About the people behind the software.
Small company, but great products.
Our Purpose
Reservation Key was started in early 2010 in order to provide a simple, yet powerful and economical, way to display availablity online and manage reservations. We were tired of seeing so many software solutions that were difficult to use, overly complicated, too expensive, and did not do what we needed. It was time to set the bar a little higher. Our goal is to provide quality software that does exactly what our users need and want.

We Listen
We believe that companies are sucessful not only by providing a solid product, but by remembering that the reason they are in existence is to serve their clients. This is why we put an extremely high priority on customer service and being responsive to our clients. At Reservation Key each client is treated like our only client, with as much individual attention needed for our client to get the most out of our service.

Our People
Working out of offices in downtown Santa Rosa, California (about 50 miles north of San Francisco), our staff is dedicated to continually building a stronger and better product, and being responsive to our clients.

John Thompson
Founder and Chief Developer
After working as an attorney for several years, both as a prosecutor and representing insurance companies, John decided it was time to focus on his true passion, building web based software programs that help people stay organized and be more efficient. Having developed the skill both on his own and while working at Stanford University during law school, John decided to put his skills to use and started this company.

Mario Azevedo
Database Architect
With a background of managing data in the finacial sector combined with superb programming skills, Mario is a wizard when it comes to database design. He provides the brains behind much of what keeps Reservation Key running smoothly and processing thousands of transactions each day.
Silas Martin
Senior Programmer
Silas brings to Reservation Key years of work experience at Silicon Valley, Fortune 500 companies and has a real knack for solving difficult coding problems.

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