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Watch an audio/video tour of the Reservation Manager
The control panel for managing reservations
Reservation Key - Reservation Tracking
1) View Current, Past, Archived, and All   2) View by property or all at once   3) Search reservations   4) Set whether confirmed   5) Edit amount received   6) Indicators show payment status   7) Dynamically calculate totals

Watch an audio/video tour on how to add and edit reservations
For guests not making reservations online, you can add their reservation within the system.
Reservation Key - Add Reservation
1) Select individual property   2) Calendar shows nightly rates as well as availability   3) Total amount is tallied as dates are selected on calendar   4) Enter guest contact information   5) Hover over blocked out space to see guest name; click link to view reservation details

Watch an audio/video tour of the Guestbook
As reservations are made through the system, guests are automatically added to your guestbook, from which you can quickly send marketing emails.
Reservation Key - Add Reservation
1) Easily send marking emails to past guests. Guests automatically added to guestbook. Select from email templates you have saved or create new message.   2) Guest details; click for complete view   3) Search guestbook  

Watch an audio/video tour on how to add properties
Enter property description, page title, property title or address, upload photos.
Reservation Key - Property Details
1) Upload photos and captions   2) Custom page title and input property description with HTML formatting   3) Enter full property address or just a property title   4) Easily remove properties from your account

Watch an audio/video tour of how to quickly set rates, minimum stay periods, and discounts
Set your nightly rates for the entire year with just a few mouse clicks.
Reservation Key - Input Nightly Rates
1) Select individual property   2) Set rates by period   3) Set optional discount for each period   4) Set rates using drop-down controls   5) Or input prices manually; click date boxes to set availability as N/A

Watch an audio/video tour of the various ways to process reservations
Decide how you will screen requests, how payments will be made, number of guests, and more. All fields are optional.
Reservation Key - Custom Notifications
1) Availability options   2) Set whether or not to screen your prospective guests   3) Set whether to require advance payment and timing of payments   4) Enable credit card payments through Google Checkout or PayPal   5) Enter additional fees  

Watch an audio/video tour of linking your website or advertising
Options for linking to your properties or integrating with an existing website.
Reservation Key - Link to Your Property
1) There are many ways to link to your properties   2) Preview different layouts instantly

Watch an audio/video tour of setting the look and feel of your availability calendars and pages
Layout and colors of your public pages are customizable.
Reservation Key - Layout and Appearance
1) Select from default settings or customize each property individually   2) Choose pre-set color schemes   3) Or enter your own custom colors   4) See an instant preview of the colors you select   5) Select from different page layout options  

Instead of using our pre-set layouts, you can build your site from scratch using custom pages and our content tags.
Reservation Key - Custom Pages
1) Add as many custom pages as you need   2) Plug in sections of ReservationKey software simply by clicking a link   3) All photos you have uploaded are available to add and preview   4) Links to other pages in your site are quickly added   5) Set your own filename which appears in the URL   6) Give the page a custom title   7) Editor for your HTML (stylesheet is also editable)  

Watch an audio/video tour of the reporting features
Chart which quickly shows availability for all properties.
Reservation Key - Reporting
1) Select from preset list of date ranges or enter your own custom date range   2) All properties linked at the top of the report   3) Click through to confirmed reservations  

Watch an audio/video tour of the reporting features
Graphs which quickly show statistics about your property(s).
Reservation Key - Reporting
1) Select property, year and whether to include all reservations, or only confirmed reservationn   2) Total for selected year   3) Graph and totals dynamically recalculate as you check or uncheck items   4) Percentage of each month that your property was occupied  

Watch an audio/video tour of a sample bed and breakfast website
Seamless integration into your existing website.
Reservation Key - Sample Website
1) Actual website linking to Reservation Key using an iframe   2) Calendars clearly show availability, nightly rates, and unavailable dates   3) Price is tallied as the user selects dates  


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