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Reservation Manager
  • How To Add A Reservation Shows you the basics of adding a new reservation and attaching an existing contact to that reservation.
  • Changing/Moving A Reservation Changing dates, changing the number of nights, removing rooms, and swapping rooms is easy. Use the Change link in the Reservation Summary to open these options, or hover over a reservation from the Availability screen.
  • How To Change A Reservation Change a multiple room reservation to a single room reservation using the calendar.
  • Exporting Guest Data to Excel Export your guest data to a CSV file which can be opened in Excel. One way to use this data is for pulling all guest emails out of the system for use in creating lists for email newsletters.
  • How to Use the Notes Bar The dark colored bar above the availability calendar is a place to attach notes to dates and/or reservations. Find out how to add notes, filter notes, and customize note labels.
  • Auto Emails and the Correspondence Button Learn about the Correspondence Button, located at the bottom of the Reservation Summary Screen. See how to view emails saved to the queue, edit from templates, save a personal note to a template, print templates, and how to review changes in a template by reloading the correspondence window.
Website Tab
  • How to Add Items For Sale and Packages to Reservation Pages It is easy to add items for sale and packages to reservation pages. Your page can become a mini shopping cart. In this example we add a hat for sale and a city tour package.
  • Customizing the Reservation Form Add custom fields to the reservation form when you want to ask for more than just the basic information. Here we add a field to ask guests to select from a drop down box to tell us how they found our hotel.
  • Using Automatic Email Schedules Setting up automatic emails will save you a lot of time since you don't have manually create emails for each reservation. You can merge system information with your text to create custom emails for your guests. Here we set up a sample email schedule which includes an additional email to be sent to the house cleaner at the conclusion of the reservation.
  • Creating Discount Codes and Linking Codes to Reservation Pages Learn how to set up discount codes and then make those codes work on your reservation page(s).
  • Adding A Guestbook To Your Website It is easy to add a guestbook to your website and your reservation pages using ReservationKey's built in guestbook feature. This video shows you what the guestbook looks like, how to edit the guestbook settings, how to link to the guestbook in an email for comments from guests, and the options for automatically including links to the guestbook in your reservation pages.
Properties Tab
  • How to Block Rooms Learn how to easily block dates that you don't want to accept reservations for. Such as if your inn is closed for holiday, or certain rooms are closed for repairs.
  • How to Un-Block Rooms Shows how to delete a room that you previously blocked as unavailable.
  • Creating Rate Plans and Adding Rate Rules How to add a rate plan and then add rules to that plan. Rate plans and rate rules is the method used to set prices for your rooms / units. Once a plan is set up it can be linked to one or more rooms / units.
  • Using Alternate Rate Plans Alternate rate plans are triggered by discount codes. This allows you to offer completely different rates to guests using the discount code which triggers the alternate plan. Example uses are for offering different rates to members of your association or business travelers.
Settings Tab
  • Customize Reservation Status Colors Reservation status colors are used to help you quickly see the status of a reservation on your main availability calendar. You can create as many status colors as you need. Also, status is linked to several options, such as whether or not to block the dates on the calendar, and whether a status should be selected automatically after a payment has been made.
  • Creating Additional User Accounts It is possible to add as many individual logins as you need. Each user account can be set up to allow access to only specific sections of the program and to specific properties. A user's ability to edit and save changes can also be customized for each account.
  • Setting up Step by step directions on how to connect ReservatioKey to our channel manager partner,
Reservation Pages

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